ITS provides assistance to students and employees who need help setting up their accounts for first use, or resolving a login problem to an MSU Denver computer or web service.
For single sign-on issues, please call us at 303-352-7548 if at all possible. We provide login support 24/7 via phone.

Use this form if you cannot call us from any phone any time soon.  We will respond to incidents submitted here during our M-F on-campus business hours only, so calling 24/7 is always the best method for login support.

Once received, we will still need to perform identify verification to confirm the person who submitted this request is the same person as the stated affected account holder.  We will never ask you for your password nor send you a reset password via email any or other digital mediums.  We cannot help you alter your multifactor authentication settings without confirming we are working directly with the MSU Denver account holder.
A short description to explain the nature of your ticket.
Please include what service you are accessing and what errors you are experiencing.
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Attach any files (screenshots, documents) that can help us understand and resolve your ticket.
We realize your issue may be that you do not have a working phone/authentication device and can't call us from somone else's phone.  In that case, please enter the personal email address(es) you used to apply MSU Denver and/or the one you set up for password recovery.   

For account security, we can only communicate with the personal email address(es) that we can verify we have on file for you.  
Please list useable email addresses that
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Are you currently out of the country?
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