Definition of a Project

A Project is a task undertaken to create, deliver, or implement a unique deliverable or other solution which has specific, agreed-upon constraints (including scope, resources, budget, and timeline).

  • It is temporary in nature:
    • A definite start date.
    • A definite end date.
  • It has a defined scope:
    • The result to be achieved.
    • The work that must be done to meet that result.
    • Specifications about project goals, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, deliverables, and cost.
  • It has defined resources:
    • People, capital, and/or material goods that are required for the successful completion of the project.
  • It must be vetted and approved via the project intake process.

What is not a project?

  • Business-as-usual activities (BAU)
  • Low-effort ad-hoc requests
  • Services
  • Break/fix
  • Communication
  • Configuration (Low Level of Effort)
  • Something that has not been approved
  • Something that is not temporary
  • Something that does not have defined scope
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