IT Project Request

What is it?

A project request is the starting point for any project that requires ITS resources to be involved in the successful delivery of the project. This begins the evaluation of needs, requirements and resources for the request. 

Who can submit an ITS Project Request?

Project requests can be submitted by Staff and Faculty. 

What do you need to submit a Project Request? 

In order to submit a project request, please have the following information handy:

  • Executive Sponsor
  • Priority 
  • Request Title
  • Description of the requested project
  • Business Objectives
  • Any other information you can provide to help ITS understand the project (Risks, Benefits, Business Requirements, Other Dependant Projects...)


What happens next?

Someone from ITS Project Management or Business Analysis teams will reach out to schedule a meeting to understand more about the request.  This meeting coupled with the information provided in the request will help us evaluate the level of effort, resources and prioritization of the work that needs to be done if the request is approved. 

Submit Project Request

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