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Services or Offerings?
Submit a project proposal that requires IT support.

Request service/project support in the areas of marketing, communications, digital web services, photography, and advertising.

Request a new digital sign for your department or request changes to your current sign(s).

Request an enhancement or change to a SSB or Banner Module (Banner Student, HR, Financial Aid, Finance, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, General).

Employees request basic (read-only) access to the Banner 9 administrative environment (for employees only).

Request phone numbers for new employee(s); get voicemail help or delegate updates for current extensions.

Request assistance creating or managing your distribution group in Office 365/Outlook

Request to create a Faculty/Staff personal website on our platform utilizing WordPress

Request for DNS changes (static IPs, etc.)

Request access to utilize the MSU Denver VPN

Request software for a faculty/staff computer, classroom computer or a student computer lab.

Request access to tools that allow your user administrative privileges on your MSUDenver asset

Faculty can request a virtual environment for delivering their courses.

Computing technology requests for faculty, staff, student employees and students

Request a Blackboard Archive File after the decommissioning of Blackboard Learn.