How do I connect to the MSUDenver Wireless Network on Android device (including Chromebook)?


This article will show you how to connect to the MSU Denver WiFi on campus.

Before you begin...

  • You must have an active account with MSU Denver and your password must not be expired.
  • Please note, these instructions may be different depending on your device's version of Android. Not all menu options will be the same, but most will be similar. If this is your first time connecting to the MSU Denver wifi since September 2017, we recommend holding your finger over the connection and selecting "Forget Network" before taking these steps.
  • Remember that if you change your NetID password, you must also update in your phone's WiFi settings. Failure to do so may result in repeated account lockouts as your phone continually tries to authenticate with the old password.


1. Select the Settings app on your Android device.

2. Ensure Wi-Fi is turned on...

Wi-Fi toggle turned on

3. Tap on the MSUDenver wireless network to select it. You should then be brought to a screen with several fields to fill out, but depending on your version of Android, you may only be prompted for a username & password. If this is the case, entering your information and attempting to connect should then open a screen with additional fields.

Select MSU Denver Wi-FI network

4. Most fields' default values are acceptable, but a couple will need to be changed. Under Phase 2 authentication, select None.

5. Under CA certificate, select Use system certificates. (For older versions of Android, select Do Not Validate. In this case, you may also need to select MSCHAPv2 in Phase 2 authentication, see step 4).

6. Under Domain, enter

7. Under Identity, enter either your MSU Denver NetID or full email addressAnonymous identity should remain blank. Enter your MSU Denver NetID/email password for the Password.

Instructional image of MSU Denver wireless network connection settings

8. Tap on Connect.


You are now connected to the MSUDenver wireless network.  

If you still have connection issues, you may try connecting to the MSU Denver Guest wireless network as a work-around and submit a ticket to us here:  Report an issue connecting to wireless networks.

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