How do I manage an Office 365 Distribution Group?


Office 365 Distribution Groups are a component of MSU Denver's Microsoft Office 365 environment. They are managed through the Outlook Web App, accessed at

Please see the instructions provided below for information about making changes to Office 365 Distribution Groups.

Before you begin...

Log in to the Outlook Web App at


  1. Select the gear-shaped icon near your portrait/initials in the top-right corner of the window.

  2. In the sidebar that opens below, Select the View all Outlook Settings link at the bottom.

  3. In the next menu, look in the leftmost column and select the General option.

  4. In the column to the right, select the Distribution groups option. Note: The next menu may take several seconds to load fully.

  5. The next page will have two columns, "Distribution groups I belong to" on the left and "Distribution groups I own" on the right. To make changes to a distribution group, look under the "Distribution groups I own" column, select the group you want to manage, and then select the Pencil icon. Note: The next window may take several seconds to load fully.

  6. Once the new window has opened, you can begin changing the distribution group's settings.

    • General: This menu lets you control the distribution group's name and appearance.

    • Ownership: This menu lets you assign owners to the distribution group. Owners can add or remove members, designate approved senders, and assign moderators.

    • Membership: This menu lets you add or remove members to the distribution group. Members will receive any emails sent to this distribution group.

    • Membership Approval: This menu lets you determine how members can request they be added to this distribution group. ITS strongly encourages not setting any distribution groups to "Open". Please select either "Closed" or "Owner approval", as appropriate for your needs.

    • Delivery Management: This menu lets you designate who can send emails to this distribution group. If this list is empty, there are no restrictions; anyone with an MSU Denver email address will be able to email this distribution group.

    • Message Approval: The menu lets you designate moderators to review messages before they are sent.

    • MailTip: MailTips are a web service provided by Microsoft. Please visit their informational website for more information.

  7. Once you have made your desired changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the window.


You can verify your changes by opening the edit menu (pencil icon) a second time.


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