What is ProctorU Live+ / Review+ ?

What is ProctorU Live+ & ProctorU Review+

ProctorU provides two proctoring options.  ProctorU Live+ conducts student authentication and witnesses the student complete the assessment in real-time.  ProctorU Review+ combines student authentication with a post exam review conducted 48-72 hours after the exam is submitted and notification of any issues directly to the instructor. 

These are fee-based service paid by the institution and is provided as an alternative to using the MSU Denver Testing Center for human proctoring of assessments.

Who can use ProctorU Live+ or Review+?


Your instructor may elect to use of the ProctorU "proctoring" options above as part of their instruction. Your experience with ProctorU will be very different depending on which service your instructor uses, so please check with them if you are unsure which service is being used.


Faculty must promote online assessment integrity and deter cheating within their courses. To this end, MSU Denver has integrated ProctorU, an online platform that provides exam-reviewing and proctoring capabilities, within Canvas.

How do I access ProctorU Live+ / ProctorU Review+?


Please check ProctorU's official Test Taker guides.  Technical support for students using ProctorU is provided directly by ProctorU (see below).


Please see the "Use ProctorU with Canvas" section of the CTLD's Quizzes/Tests page. ProctorU also provides several knowledge resources for instructors.  Technical support for instructors using ProctorU is provided directly by ProctorU (see below).

ProctorU Live+ Support

ProctorU provides direct assistance to both students and instructors for their services, including technical issues and microphone/camera support. If you need assistance using ProctorU, please reach out to the ProctorU support team (24 hours a day, 7 days a week):


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