What is Guardian Browser?

The Guardian Browser is a secure web browser application used specifically by students taking remotely proctored exams using ProctorU.
For more information, visit https://guardian.meazurelearning.com/

Quick Information

VENDOR: Meazure Learning
PRODUCT: Guardian Browser
VERSION: 0.38.1 and higher
PLATFORM: Windows & Mac

Who is licensed to use Guardian Browser?

No license is required to use Guardian Browser.

How do I request access to Guardian Browser?

How do I access Guardian Browser?

Once you have installed Guardian Browser from one of the methods above, you can launch the application from your Start menu (Windows) or Launchpad (Mac). For Macs you will need to click yes to allow permissions for the microphone and camera, and you will need to go to System Preferences>Security and Privacy> Screen Recording and click the toggle switch to allow Screen Recording for Guardian Browser.

If you require assistance using the application, please contact your instructor, department tutor, or supervisor for help.

If you experience trouble installing the application, you receive license errors, or you feel it is not running correctly, please submit a Software Issues & Errors request.

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