Canvas FAQ for Department Chairs

How do I request access to all student-facing courses being taught within my department?

Department chairs and deans who don't already have access to their department/college/school's courses can submit a ticket to request this level of access in Canvas.

How do I share content from a course that was owned by a faculty member that has left the institution?

Department chairs can export course content that was owned by faculty members that have left the institution. They can then share the file created by the exporting process via OneDrive/SharePoint to the desired faculty member that needs access to the content, which they can then import into one of their sandbox courses.

Please see the Copy a Canvas Course Using an Export File entry on the Migration tutorials page for step-by-step instructions on how to export course content for sharing. The tutorial also contains instructions for the receiving faculty member to import the course content into one of their sandbox courses, where they can then select what content to copy to their live course.

How do I request access to K16 or Tier 2 Canvas migrated courses that I am not an instructor of?

There are two ways to obtain access to a Tier 1 (K16) or Tier 2 (Canvas) migrated course:

  1. Contact a faculty member with access to the course and ask them to add you to their migrated course shell.
  2. If the faculty member who owns the course has left the institution, please submit a ticket to request access to the migrated course shell. Please include the name of the instructor that left the institution, the course prefix, and the course number.

How do courses get merged in Canvas so faculty can teach from a single student-facing course?

If faculty would like to merge courses into one Canvas course, they will still work through your department's class schedule coordinator to have the courses cross-listed in Banner. Courses will be automatically merged in Canvas within one hour of when they have been cross-listed in Banner by the Office of the Registrar.


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