Third-party Canvas Integrations FAQ

What third-party integrations are available in Canvas?

Generally-Available Tools (site licensed by the institution):

Publishers or Vendors that we have integrations with our Canvas Instances

Contact your Publisher representative for specific instructions on how your course content integrates with their service, since each course/vendor combination can have different steps and requirements.

  • McGraw-Hill (Connect, Campus (Tegrity), Simnet)
  • SimNet
  • Cengage
  • Copia Class
  • Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • Macmillian Learning
  • Pearson (Revel, MyLab, Mastering)
  • Piazza
  • Tivoli Books (redshelf)
  • sweapinstruments (social work)
  • WWNorton
  • WileyPlus (Course Level Integration)
  • iClickers
  • Turning Technology Clickers
  • Hayden-McNeil
  • Badger (Course Level Integration)
  • Flatworld (Course Level Integration)
  • OneNote Classroom (Course Level integration)
  • Chicago Business Press
  • Aktiv Chemistry
  • Elsevier Evolve
  • MyOpenMath
  • Oxford OUP
  • Sage Vantage
  • SoftChalk
  • W.W. Norton

Unapproved publisher/tools for Integration with Canvas

  • World101 (Not ADA Compliant per MSU Denver standards)


How do I request a new 3rd-party integration if the one I want to use isn't on the current list?

If you would like to request an LTI integration with a new 3rd-party application and the MSU Denver Canvas system, please use this form. Note that all 3rd-party integration requests are reviewed to ensure a new integration will protect student data, maintain the security of the MSU Denver digital environment, meet our standards for an accessible learning environment, save students money, and streamline the student learning experience without requiring a large amount of training.

How do I use content from a 3rd-party publisher?

Instructors who wish to use content from a 3rd-party publisher should contact their publisher's representative for specific instructions to set up and integrate with Canvas. Please see "What third-party integrations are available in Canvas?" above for a list of publishers that have already been integrated with Canvas.

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