Docking Station: Troubleshooting Connections


This article details self-troubleshooting steps on your MSU Denver Dell docking station if your peripherals are not connecting successfully when you plug your MSU Denver laptop into the docking station cable.  The instructions detail how to perform a power reset on your docking station.

Before you begin...

- Ensure all your peripheral connections (USB mice, keyboards, display cables to monitors, network cable etc.) are connected securely to your docking station. 
- Ensure your laptop is powered on. 

Instructions to power reset your docking station

1) Disconnect/Unplug your laptop from the docking station connector cable 
2) Disconnect/Unplug the dock's AC power adapter cable from the back of your docking station.  The power cable connector to your dock often has a blue LED light around it. 
3) Press and hold down the power button on the top-front of your docking station for 30 seconds
4) Re-connect the docking station AC power adapter cable to the back of your dock station
5) Re-connect the docking station cable to your laptop. See if all peripherals are connected.


A successful dock reset will enable all functioning peripherals to connect.  Please note that some models of laptops can only support one external monitor. If you are still having peripheral issues after doing a dock reset, or have further questions, please submit a ticket or call ITS at 303-352-7548. 


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