How do I add a room or shared calendar?


Shared or room calendars can be opened in all versions of Outlook, this includes the Outlook Web application, the Outlook desktop application, and Outlook for Mac.

Before you begin...

Be sure you have been granted editor or review permissions to your desired shared calendar or room calendar. If not, please submit a request.


Outlook Web Application (Browser)

  1. Navigate to and sign into your email.
  2. Click on the calendar tab on the left hand side of the Outlook Web App.

  3. Click Add Calendar.

  4. Click Add from directory.
  5. In the text box that appears, type the email address of the shared or room calendar.

  6. Once you have your calendar typed out, Select from the "Add to" drop down menu where to categorize the calendar.

  7. Once you have selected where to add the calendar, click Add.

Outlook Desktop Application (Windows)

  1. Open the Outlook Desktop Application and make sure you are signed in.
  2. Click on the calendar tab at the bottom left-hand corner of the Outlook Desktop App.

  3. Once your calendar is open, click Add Calendar, and then select either From Address Book... or From Room List... depending on what type of calendar you are adding.

  4. Type in the name or email address of the calendar you are trying to add.

  5. Double-click the calendar you want to add and then click OK.


Outlook Desktop Application (Mac OS)

  1. Open the Outlook Desktop App for Mac and make sure you are signed in.
  2. In the top left ribbon, Click File.

  3. In File, go to Open and click Shared Calendar...

  4. Search for the name of your shared calendar or room calendar.
  5. Click on your desired shared calendar or room calendar to highlight your selection, and click open.


Outlook Web Application (Browser)

Your desired shared or room calendar will appear under the calendar group you picked when adding the calendar on the left-hand side.

Outlook Desktop Application (Windows)

Your desired calendar will open after clicking OK, and the calendar will show up on the left-hand side of Outlook under Rooms or Shared Calendars.

Outlook Desktop Application (Mac OS)

Your desired calendar will open up under "People's Calendar"  In the calendar tab of the Outlook Application for Mac.


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