What is EPANET?

EPANET is a software application used throughout the world to model water distribution systems. It was developed as a tool for understanding the movement and fate of drinking water constituents within distribution systems, and can be used for many different types of applications in distribution systems analysis. Today, engineers and consultants use EPANET to design and size new water infrastructure, retrofit existing aging infrastructure, optimize operations of tanks and pumps, reduce energy usage, investigate water quality problems, and prepare for emergencies. It can also be used to model contamination threats and evaluate resilience to security threats or natural disasters.

Quick Information

VENDOR: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Who is licensed to use EPANET?

All MSU Denver Faculty, Staff and Students.

How do I request access to EPANET?

How do I access EPANET?

Once you have installed EPANET from one of the methods above, you can launch the application from your Start menu (Windows), the application will connect to your license server and you will be able to use it.

If you require assistance using the application, please contact your instructor, department tutor, or supervisor for help.

If you experience trouble installing the application, you receive license errors, or you feel it is not running correctly, please submit a Software Issues & Errors request.

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