How do I manage a printer access group?


This article is for departments with PaperCut-enabled Xerox machines with print, copy or scan restrictions set based on a security group in Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure). This task is usually completed by the department office manager. Not all printers are managed by PaperCut and not all PaperCut-enabled machines have restrictions. When in doubt, check with ITS. This process was previously completed through Active Directory (an on-premise solution) and has since been migrated to the cloud.

Before you begin...

Be sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Your Xerox MFP is PaperCut-enabled.
  • You have restrictions set up with the help of ITS.
  • You are the owner of this group. There can be multiple group owners. If ownership needs to be changed, see below.
  • Remember that changes to membership will sync overnight.
  • Remember that owners need to be members of the group as well in order to gain access to the printer(s).
IMPORTANT: If your department restricts access to color jobs and utilizes groups like "Printer Access Group - Dept. - Color" or ".....B&W" users CANNOT be in both groups. The system will convert any user's jobs in the B&W group to black and white, regardless of their membership to the Color group.


Finding your group

  1. Visit in your web browser.
  2. Sign in with your MSU Denver account if necessary.
  3. Navigate to Groups I own.
  4. Search for a group with the naming schema Printer Access Group - Your Department Name or Abbreviation.
  5. Click on your group from the list.

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Note: Some departments may have different groups that provide different levels of access to their printer(s). For example, the Accounting Department may have a group called "Printer Access Group - Accounting - Color" that grants access to color printing and another group called "Printer Access Group - Accounting - B&W" that grants access to black and white printing. The Facilities Department may have a different set of restrictions with group names such as "Printer Access Group - Facilities - Scan only" and "Printer Access Group - Facilities - Full Access". When in doubt, consult with ITS.

Adding group members

  1. Go to the Members tab.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Type the username of the person you want to add and select their profile from the list.
  4. Continue adding people to the list.
  5. When you are finished, click Add(#).

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Removing group members

  1. Go to the Members tab.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the name of the person(s) you would like to remove.
  3. Click Remove member(s).

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Your printer access group will be updated. Changes are uploaded to PaperCut every night. Users will have access the next morning.

More information

If you encounter any issues in this process or the group owner needs to be changed, please submit a Printer Support ticket. Be sure to mention the name of your printer, the name of the security group associated and a note that the printer is PaperCut-enabled.

I see a group with my department's name but I cannot edit it (dynamic groups)

If you are the owner of a group with a title similar to "Dynamic User Group - Department" then access to your printer is being updated automatically. A query has been created to automatically add users that have your department's name in their department or job title field in the directory. This information is synced from Workday. If you notice that a user that should belong in your group is not, there could be multiple reasons for this:

  • The user's directory information is incorrect, possibly because they have changed jobs and came from a different department or because of human error. In either case, contact Human Resources to correct the information in Workday.
  • The user's listed department is not the same as their subordinates. For example, Professor McKenna oversees the Cake Inspection Department. Since he is a department chair in the College of Bakery Sciences, his department is listed as "College of Bakery Sciences" even though his title is "Chair of Cake Inspection". This causes him not to be included in his department's printer access group. In this case, ITS can update the query to include people with this job title. This will improve future hires but ITS cannot account for all situations given the fluid nature of careers, department organization and job titles in academia.
  • The user's account has not been created yet because they are a new hire. In this case, you will need to wait. Check with HR and ITS.
  • The student employee's record needs to be updated. Contact HR.
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