Oracle password reset

What is it?

Employees that connect to the Banner database via ODBC connections in certain applications (e.g. MS Access, Spreadsheet server) need to make that connection with a specific Oracle user's password.  This password is separate from your regular NetID's password used for single-sign on. 

If you cannot update your Oracle password in the GUAPSWD screen in Banner Admin Pages, or if your Oracle password has expired, please call our IT Service Desk (303-352-7548, option 4) during business hours, or submit this request form. 

Who can request this?

Employees that have access to the Banner administrative environment.


In your description, please specify if you need your Oracle PROD and/or TEST password reset. Please include a good contact number and times to reach you; we cannot email your password to you.

What to expect

If you are able to call us during business hours, our IT Service Desk will verify your identity and reset the Oracle password for you.  If you submit a request here, we will respond during business hours via phone call to fulfill this request. 

Request Service


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Thu 10/1/20 7:04 PM
Wed 12/9/20 12:19 AM
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