Spam/Phishing email reporting

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What is it?

Please submit a ticket here if you have clicked on links within a malicious or suspicious email and/or submitted your credentials to the site that opened up.

If you see spam or phishing e-mails in your inbox but do not respond to them and just want to inform IT Services, you can do this using Microsoft's internal reporting tools. The exact method will vary depending on how you access your email:

  • Outlook Web App (
    1. Right-click the offending email
    2. Select “Report”
    3. Select “Report phishing” or “Report junk” as appropriate
  • Outlook Mobile App:
    1. Highlight the offending email
    2. Tap the three dots in the upper-right
    3. Select “Report Junk”
    4. Select “Phishing”
  • Outlook Desktop App:
    1. Open the offending email
    2. Click the Report Message button in the top ribbon

You may then delete them without taking further action here.

Who can request this?

All MSU Denver

Requirements (what to include in ticket)

Provide the subject line of the e-mail you responded to and what information you provided

What to expect (what IT will do/communicate with you next)

Information Security will respond within 1 business day to begin remediation efforts

Report here if you clicked on or gave user information to a malicious email link


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