Network Jack activation/installation

What is it?

ITS activates network jacks for telephones, computers and printers to connect to the Internet and MSU Denver's network. Use this service to activate an existing wall jack or to request that a new jack be installed.  ITS will need to work with AHEC for new installations.

Who can request this?

Current staff and faculty can request this service.


For existing jack activations:  Please include the jack's office location, it's label (if visible), and what will be connecting to it.

For new jack installation requests:  Please include the desired office location, what will be connected to it, and a FOAP that can be used for the work order with AHEC.

What to expect

An ITS staff member will contact you with any questions, and if needed will go on site to scope out desired location.

Request Service


Service ID: 46068
Thu 10/1/20 7:04 PM
Sat 11/25/23 4:42 PM
Catalog Visibility (what users can use/see this service in the Client Portal?)
Internal: Only for ITS use
Restricted: access restricted to ITS and another group
Unrestricted: All users can access