Canvas Course Reset

What is it?

For faculty to request that their Canvas course be entirely erased. This form is a contract to get confirmed agreement of the issues with asking for a course reset and confirm they truly want us to proceed and documents for the academic department and financial aid office if there are concerns about data requests for data lost due to the request.

The course reset process in Canvas can take 1-2 business days to refresh the institutional blueprint after reset, so if you may want to consider hiding/deleting course content versus requesting the course reset if you have a more immediate time-frame.

Who can request this?

This request must be completed by the primary instructor of record for the course according to Banner. It cannot be completed on behalf of the faculty member by anyone else. 


- The Requestor must be the primary instructor of record in Banner for the course CRN / Semester provided in the request.

What to expect

Once the request is received, the course reset process can take 2 business days to complete. 


Request Service


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