Access to a Tier 2 Migrated (Blackboard to Canvas) Course

What is it?

During the migration of Blackboard to Canvas, department chairs were offered the ability to include courses as part of a Tier 2 migration of content. 

Who can request this?

This request must be completed by the primary instructor of record for the course according to Banner. It cannot be completed on behalf of the faculty member by anyone else.


- The requestor must be the primary instructor of record for the course in Banner.  If the instructor is no longer at the institution, then the Department chair will need to make the request to gain access to the previous instructor's course material and export it to share with the new instructor.

- The CRN and semester combination provided must have been a previously Tier 2 migrated course as requested by department chairs.  The Tier 2 migration program ended on August 30, 2020, and if the course was not part of the program, the faculty member can utilize the tutorials located at to export their course from Blackboard to one of their existing Canvas sandbox courses.

What to expect

Once we receive your request to access a Tier 2 course migrated from Blackboard Learn, we will validate the course was migrated as part of that process and you will see that course appear within your Canvas "all courses" list within 24 business hours.

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