Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring covers nearly all disciplines and can be accessed through an individual's Canvas “Profile” or within the “Help” button. Being new to online learning, new to Canvas, and potentially teaching larger classes are all good reasons to lean it as a resource in addition to a faculty member’s instruction and in-class support. 

Currently, MSU Denver students are set up with 8 tutoring hours weekly. To check how many hours you have used at any given time, click on your profile icon next to your name and click "Usage. Once you click on "Usage," you will be taken to a page where you can see how many hours you have used, how many are remaining, and when it will reset. Please note that it is important to plan and budget your hours, especially during heavy assessment periods, so that you do not use them too quickly. If however, you strongly feel that you need more tutoring hours than the allotted 8 hours per week, please email us at and we will set you up with bonus hours.

For more information on how to access Online Tutoring, please review the Online Tutoring page.

Students:  If you need any further assistance, please contact the Tutoring Center at 303-615-1919 or



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