Duplicate ID Management in Banner

To report duplicate 900 numbers on an Employee record in Workday, please go here:  Enterprise Application Support 

This page's service is now for the management Duplicate IDs within Banner, which focuses on Student records. 

What is it?


A "Duplicate ID" is the the duplication of the same record in Banner tables and can cause serious problems. The PIDM (Person IDentification Master) is the internally assigned system number that connects all the data that is associated with a Banner ID Number (900/901 number). A Banner ID number record can represent student, employee, vendor, etc.

Duplicate ID's can occur for many reasons, including:

  • feeds to Banner from Slate, governmental agencies, etc.

  • error keying in data in Banner Admin Pages

  • error keying in data over the web (Self-Service Banner)

  • failure to perform a complete search

Who can request this?

Employees with knowledge and responsibility to identify and report duplicate IDs may use this service to report them. 


Press the red Submit Duplicate IDs button on this service screen. You can attach supporting files or write in the Description the changes that need to be made between the incorrect and correct NetIDs. 

What to expect

Purging duplicate ID's coordinated effort among the functional areas which are data stewards of the Banner modules of Finance, Student, Financial Aid, Alumni, and Human Resources. Key Banner module users must be involved on an ongoing basis to resolve duplicate ID entries before further use of the duplicate record(s) are created in Banner.

Each Friday, the submitted IDs/accounts from this service will be sent to the appropriate business process owners/Banner Module Owners and deactivated per their approval.

Submit Duplicate IDs


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