AppXtender: Create New or Modify Existing Application

Tags Appxtender
What is it?

Use this service when you need to create a new application or modify an existing application within Banner Document Manager (AppXtender).

Who can request this?

Current AppXtender application owners.


Please provide the following details in your request: 

  1. Which AppXtender environment: TEST or PROD
  2. Application Name
  3. Fields to add to the Application 
    • For each Field, please list if it is required or optional
  4. Document Types
    • Please list the names and if each is required or optional
  5. Who should have access to the application
What to expect

We will reach out to you if we have any questions regarding the request, or if it needs additional approval.

Request Service


Service ID: 49830
Wed 3/31/21 3:36 PM
Fri 4/2/21 2:58 PM