How do I change my NetID and email password?


The step-by-step instructions below describe the process for resetting your password through your MSU Denver Office 365 email account.

Before you begin...

Please note, these instructions require you have a current, working password. If you do not have a working password, but have already signed up for the Office 365 account recovery system, please see How do I recover my MSU Denver Office 365 account? If you are not signed up for account recovery and do not have a working password, please contact the MSU Denver ITS Helpdesk for Login Assistance.


  1. Log in to your MSU Denver Office 365 email account. (

  2. Click the Account Manager icon in the upper-right corner (it may show your initials or a picture you have selected). Then, click View Account.

    Account options drop down menu

  3. On the next screen, find the Password tile and click CHANGE PASSWORD.


  4. You will be presented a screen that will ask for your current password, then let you enter and confirm a new password.

    Change password screen

  5. Make sure your new password meets MSU Denver's password security requirements. When done, click the Submit button.


You have now updated your NetID password for your MSU Denver Office 365/email account.

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