How do I use a PaperCut enabled Xerox machine?

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This article will guide you in using a PaperCut-enabled MFP (multi-function printer). Not all printers are managed in this way. A PaperCut-enabled MFP can be identified by the login screen. Devices that are not PaperCut-enabled will not require a login. See the screenshots below for more information.

Table of Contents

  1. Before you begin...
  2. Printing from your computer
  3. Logging into the device
    1. Using your ID badge
    2. Using your username and password
  4. Accessing Device Functions
  5. Using print release
  6. Using scan features
    1. Setting up Scan to OneDrive for the first time
    2. Using Scan to OneDrive
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Feedback

Before you begin...

If you need help adding the printer to your computer, see one of the following articles:

How do I add a directory printer to my MSU Denver Windows computer?

How do I add a directory printer to my MSU Denver Mac computer?

The rest of this article documents how to use the device functions available while you are at the machine physically.

Printing from your computer

If restrictions are enabled on the machine, this will be denoted on its label with text such as: This printer is restricted to authorized users only.

If this is the case, and you are an authorized member of your department, you can print to your printer. Depending on your department's requirements, there are a couple different configurations:

  • Standard: copy/scan requires log in. Printing from a computer completes the job immediately.
  • Print Release: copy/scan requires log in. Printing from a computer requires the user to release the job at the machine after logging in. See Using print release.

Logging into the device

There are two methods for logging into a PaperCut-enabled MFP: ID badge and username/password. We highly recommend the use of the ID badge method as it is much faster.

Using your ID badge

  1. Swipe your MSU Denver ID badge over the proximity card reader located to the left of the control panel.
  2. The machine will beep and attempt to log you in. ID cards are populated automatically and do not require self-association.

Using your username and password

  1. To log in with your username and password, tap the keyboard icon in the top right-hand corner of the control panel.
  2. Enter your MSU Denver NetID (This is everything before the @ symbol in your email) using the on-screen keyboard and then tap OK.
  3. Enter your regular network password and tap OK.
  4. You will be logged into the device.

Login screen at the Xerox device

The login screen at a Xerox device

The username entry field at a Xerox device

The PaperCut login screen on a Xerox device

The PaperCut embedded home screen.

This is the PaperCut embedded home screen for Xerox devices. You will always be greeted with this when you log in to the machine. It allows you to check your account balances (if applicable), access device functions (regular Xerox home screen) and use other PaperCut-managed features such as Scan to OneDrive.

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Accessing Device Functions

  1. From the PaperCut home screen, tap Access Device.
  2. You will be brought to the Xerox home screen. This allows you to access regular device functions such as Copy, Print From and the Jobs app (useful for troubleshooting).

Xerox device home screen

The Xerox device home screen

Note that you are logged in with your account. The screen is personalized to you and allows you to customize the interface.

To log out: Tap your Account icon in the top left-hand corner and tap Log out.

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Using print release

Note that not every department uses print release. For more information, see the your office manager.

  1. Send your print job from your computer to the printer like normal.
  2. Log in to the printer using the instructions above.
  3. Select print release.
  4. Select the checkbox next to your job.
  5. Select Print.

The PaperCut embedded home screen.

The print release screen.

The print job you selected will print. To check the progress of your job, go to Access Device and select the Jobs app.

When you finish using the device tap the Logout button in the top right hand corner.

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Using scan features

If you are wondering how to scan a document to your email, the feature is no longer available and has been replaced by Scan to OneDrive and Scan to SharePoint (not yet configured). this method is far more secure, allows for larger file transfers, and is easier to manage and use.

Setting up Scan to OneDrive for the first time

  1. Follow the steps in Using Scan to OneDrive to initiate your first scan, then return here.
  2. You will receive an email from the PaperCut system asking you to authorize PaperCut to access your OneDrive.
  3. Click the Login to OneDrive for Business link in the email and follow the prompts.
  4. You will be taken to a Microsoft authorization page. Make sure you log in with your main MSU Denver email account.
  5. Click Accept to complete the authorization.
  6. All subsequent scan jobs will automatically be placed in your OneDrive in a special folder.

PaperCut Scan to OneDrive authorization email

PaperCut Scan to OneDrive authorization email

PaperCut-Microsoft Authorization Prompt

Microsoft-PaperCut authorization prompt

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Using Scan to OneDrive

  1. Tap Scan from the PaperCut home screen.
  2. Depending on your type of access, you may see multiple options. Tap Scan to OneDrive if necessary.
  3. Change the filename if desired.
  4. Tap Change settings if you want to change any scan settings such as duplex, paper size or resolution.
  5. Use the Prompt for more pages option if you plan on scanning multiple pages.
  6. Tap Start to begin scanning.
  7. If you opted to be prompted for more pages, you will have the option to do so. Tap Finish when you are done scanning all your pages.
  8. You will see a completion message and the file will be located in you MSU Denver OneDrive in a folder called /OneDrive/Apps/Scans for PaperCut MF/
  9. You will receive a confirmation email that your scan is complete. If any errors are encountered, you will also receive an email for that.
  10. If you do not receive anything after 5 minutes, continue to troubleshooting below.

Scan to OneDrive screen

Scan to OneDrive entry screen

Scan to OneDrive options page

Scan to OneDrive settings page

Scan to OneDrive confirmation page

Scan to OneDrive confirmation page

Scan to OneDrive completion screen

Scan to OneDrive completion screen

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Using Scan to Network Drive

Some departmens may see a scan action called "Scan to [Department Name]". Also known as "Scan to J Drive".

  1. After you log in, Select Scan from the PaperCut landing page on the machine.
  2. Select Scan to [Department Name].
  3. Change the filename if desired.
  4. Tap Change settings if you want to change any scan settings such as duplex, paper size or resolution.
  5. Use the Prompt for more pages option if you plan on scanning multiple pages.
  6. Tap Start to begin scanning.
  7. If you opted to be prompted for more pages, you will have the option to do so. Tap Finish when you are done scanning all your pages.
  8. Your files should appear in the Busfin scan drive. If they do not appear within 5 minutes, follow troubleshooting steps below.

Image of the scan to busfin option

The PaperCut Scan Actions screen

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I didn't receive any confirmation email or I don't see my scans in my OneDrive

Make sure you've followed the steps above to authorize PaperCut to access your OneDrive. After you click the link in your email to authorize, ensure that you are logged in with the correct MSU Denver Microsoft account. The authorization prompt will list your email address at the top. If you think you may have authorized the wrong account and you did this recently, you may be able to click the link again and re-authorize your account using the correct credentials. You may also try and de-authorize your account and authorize again. To do this:

  1. Visit in a web browser on your computer.
  2. Search for PaperCut MF on the apps list or in the search bar.
  3. Click the three dots next to the PaperCut MF app.
  4. Click Manage your application.
  5. On the following page click Revoke Permissions and confirm by clicking Revoke on the prompt.
  6. Wait one hour before taking any further action.
  7. Try to complete a scan job again and re-authorize your account.

I accidentally authorized PaperCut MF with my personal Microsoft account

If you were signed into your browser with your personal Microsoft account (,, when you opened the link from the authorization email, then you will have linked your personal OneDrive account with your MSU Denver PaperCut account. To remedy this, unlink your accounts and link to your MSU Denver account instead.

  1. In a browser incognito/inprivate window, visit and sign in with your personal Microsoft account.
  2. Look for Scans for PaperCut MF on the resulting list.
  3. Click edit and then Remove these permissions.
  4. Wait 15 minutes. (You can proceed immediately but if you experience trouble just wait).
  5. Attempt to scan another document from the Xerox machine. This will restart the authorization process. Complete it again this time ensuring you are signed in with your MSU Denver Microsoft account before you click the link.

For more detailed steps on revoking permissions from a personal Microsoft account, please see this article from Microsoft: Managing apps and services connected to our Microsoft Accounts.

I received a confirmation email but I don't see my scans in the network drive

  1. Begin troubleshooting your computer's connection to the network drive.
  2. Ensure you are using a wired connection to the campus network. This means ensuring the ethernet cable is plugged into your docking station properly and displays as connected in your taskbar or menu bar.
  3. If you are using MSU Denver WiFi, make sure you are connected to GlobalProtect.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Remap the network drive. (This may require assistance from ITS).

I received one or two failure emails for my scans

Try the action again and contact the MSU Denver ITS Service Desk at (303) 352-7548 or submit a Printer Support Request.

The scan file is low quality or grainy

Change the settings before scanning and raise the resolution to a higher DPI.

After I send a print job from my computer, I receive a "Printer Status not available" message

This is normal and a known issue with Xerox machines.

My ID badge will not scan and I do not hear any audible beeps from the machine

  • If your ID badge does not work on door access readers either, it may be damaged. Contact AHEC Access Control to receive a new ID badge.
  • If your ID badge does work on door access readers, then something may be wrong with the printer. Reboot it by pressing the power button and selecting Restart. Submit a Printer Support Request.
  • In some instances, campus ID cards are formatted in a non-standard way. ITS may still be able to associate your card with your account in these cases.

I do not have my ID badge and I cannot log in with my username and password

  • Ensure you are using your most up-to-date network password and it is not expired. This can be tested by logging into a shared lab computer and then logging into a web service such as email. Sometimes the cloud and on-premise passwords are out of sync. PaperCut uses the on-premise password (same as logging into a shared lab computer).
  • If you tried too many times to log in with an incorrect password, your account may be locked out. Wait 15 minutes and try again.
  • If you still experience issues, contact the Service Desk or fill out a Login Support (Single Sign-On) Request.

I do not like using OneDrive, can I just use scan to email instead?

In the effort to eliminate security flaws, we have begun to phase out scan to email. Scan to OneDrive is a much more secure system. It also gives us the ability to scan larger files which was not possible with scan to email and was a constant problem.

I am not sure what my problem is, I just need help

Contact the MSU Denver ITS Service Desk at (303) 352-7548 or submit a Printer Support Request.

I do not like this new system, I feel upset and confused. Who can I voice my concerns to?

We would LOVE to hear your feedback regarding this new system. Please use the feedback mechanism below.

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