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Services or Offerings?
Get help adding a new supervisor to Timeclock time entry service.

Get support setting up your mutli-factor authentication settings for the first time or if you cannot authenticate due to a lost, changed or broken multi-factor authentication device.

ITS support to orient faculty on the technology tools in on-campus classrooms

Instructors can request a tour of the MSU Denver data center for their class.

Request to live-stream a campus event or presentation to broadcast to remote viewers.

Schedule and present a Microsoft Teams Live Meetings for large webinars and presentations

Submit Duplicate IDs generated in Banner that need to be deactivated.

Supervisors submit notification of a separating FTE or student employee so HR and ITS can conduct proper off-boarding.

Request audiovisual equipment and support services for teaching and learning.

Request phone numbers for new employee(s); get voicemail help or delegate updates for current extensions.

Request service/project support in the areas of marketing, communications, digital web services, photography, and advertising.

MSU Denver has contracted with a vendor to provide 24/7 virtual tutoring to supplement existing internal academic support available through the Tutoring Center, Writing Center, and Math Tutor Lab.

Request assistance with Spreadsheet Server, including new-user setup and installation.

Faculty can request that their Canvas course be entirely reset (erased including all student data).