Shared Mailbox Creation and Delegate Access

What is it?

Departments or individuals may need to create a shared mailbox that multiple users will have access to manage.  Mail delivered into this mailbox will only be delivered to this mailbox.

Employees can have different privileges to a shared mailbox:

  • Read and Manage Only:  This gives them access to the shared mailbox to view email and move messages and folders
  • Send As:   This gives them Read and Manage rights plus the ability to send email as the shared mailbox's email address. It's also known as being able to impersonate that shared mail box when they send email. 

Use this service to request a new Shared Mailbox or to make access changes (add/remove delegates) to whom can access or send-as this shared account.

Who can request this?

Any employee (staff, faculty, or student employee) may request this service though it's most efficient when the request comes from a supervisor or mailbox owner. 


Please include the name of the shared mailbox you would like to either create or update. Please have ready the user names of any employees that need their access added/removed/changed to a shared mailbox and be prepared to share if they need Read and Manage Only or Send As permissions. 

What to expect

ITS technicians will seek approval from the mailbox owners and follow-up with any questions or confirmations that the request has been completed. 

Request Service


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Thu 10/1/20 7:04 PM
Sat 11/25/23 4:02 PM
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