Electronic Recycling & Hardware Decommissioning

What is it?

University Departments may have non-leased technology devices that are old or obsolete and need to be properly e-recycled and decomissioned from use.  This can include old printers, phones, old non-leased laptop or desktop computers, broken peripherals and accessories.

Use this service to request e-recycling and decommissioning of old hardware that is not leased.   Please review the Requirements section to provide accurate details about your hardware decommissioning or recycling request. 

Who can request this?

MSU Denver employees may request this service for university assets and accessories. This service is not offered for personal 


To properly service your request, please include the following details in your request:

For all devices: Please include your the campus location where the items currently reside.

 For printers:

  •  Make and Model Number
  •  Serial Number

For old laptops or desktops:

  • Make and Model Number
  • MSU Denver Asset tag
  • Serial Number

For larger peripherals such as monitors:

  • Make and Model Number
  • Serial Number

For smaller accessories:

  • Quick description and quantity

If you have a leased printer and want to make changes, please visit this service:  Departmental Printer Requests
If you have a leased laptop or computer and have been notified it is ready to be replaced, please visit this service:  Hardware Requests

What to expect

We will respond with any further questions and coordinate either a pick-up of the items from your campus location or schedule and appointment for drop-off.

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