Workstation Move & Set-up Support

Service Overview

ITS can assist to disassemble or set up employee workstations when individuals or entire departments move to new locations. 

Support Provided:

  • Disassembling workstation peripherals and helping organize them before a move
    • Monitors
    • Docking stations
    • Keyboards
    • Mice
    • Computers
    • Other IT peripherals
  • Moving standard IT equipment to new offices when individuals or small groups move. 
  • Re-connecting workstation peripherals after an office move and ensuring configurations meet employee's needs.
  • Printer support: configuring network jacks when a printer moves and installing printers when an employee moves to a new department. 
  • Coordinating large-scale departmental moves with the Facilities Team and a department coordinators.

ITS cannot move furniture. 

  • This includes standing desks that sit on top of desks. For furniture moves, please place a work order with AHEC and ITS can still help with peripherals before and after a furniture move.  
  • Please do not move networked printers without consulting ITS; their network jacks require special configuration.
Service Offerings to Select (red request buttons on this page)

Individual Workstation Move Support:

  • Please use this request if a 1-5 people in your department are moving locations within the same office space and you would like help ensuring workstations are reconnected correctly. 
  • Use this request if you are and individual changing teams and need help with your workstation peripherals in your old or new location.

Department-wide Employee Move Support:

  • This request is generally intended to be submitted by a member of Facilities when coordinating large-scale moves where whole teams or departments are moving into entirely new offices on campus. 
  • This request allows ITS to coordinate with Facilities and the affected departments on infrastructure and individual hardware needs for a large-scale move.


Who can request this?

Individual Workstation Moves:  any employee can place this request
Department-wide workstation moves: a Facilities team member or a Department Head or Coordinator can place these requests



Please be ready to provide:

  • What users are moving?
  • Where are they moving from and where to?
  • Any special notes for your workstation peripherals?
What to expect

A member of our Client Services team will reach out to you to coordinate times to assess and execute a workstation move. Departmental-wide moves will be a longer engagement coordinated by our Desktop Support Team. 

Request individual workstation move support Request Department-wide Move Support


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Tue 11/15/22 10:31 PM
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Service Offerings (2)

Individual Workstation Move Support
ITS can support an individual or small group with their workstations during an office move.
Department-wide Employee Move Support
In conjunction with Facilities, ITS can support entire departments/teams moving to new office locations.