Student Computer Labs FAQ

What are the Student Computer Labs?

MSU Denver ITS provides several on-campus computer labs for students to have access to technology solutions and academic computing resources. Lab hours and available software vary by location.

Addtionally, lab remote access and virtual software environments exist to for off-campus access to lab software.  Please see our Off-Campus Lab Access Tools article for an overview of our remote and virtual lab environments designed for remote use on personal computers. 

Who can use the Student Labs?

Current and active students.

How do I access the Student Labs?

On Campus Student Lab computers are all accessed using your MSU Denver NetID and password.

For current hours of operation, please check the Support Portal Home Page for the current student lab hours of operation.
(Note the schedule changes each new semester and during breaks, and management may make additional changes to the lab schedule when necessary.)

Map of on-campus computer lab locations

Remote access/virtual lab environments are available 24/7.  Please see our Off-Campus Lab Access Tools article for an overview of our remote and virtual lab environments designed for remote use on personal computers. 

How do I save my work in on-campus labs?

It is recommended that you bring a USB flash drive. If you do not have one, you may e-mail the document to yourself or save it on the temporary I: Drive. The I: Drive is for student use and is erased on a weekly basis. Also, keep in mind that any documents on the I: drive can be viewed, modified, or deleted by another user.

Can I print in the Computer Labs?

All computer labs support black and white printing.

Can I print in color in the Computer Labs?

Some computer labs are equipped with color printers in addition to their standard black and white printers.

Labs equipped with color printers:

  • AD260
  • PL307
  • SI1058
  • SI1048
  • SS119
  • TV225
  • WC244

What is the PaperCut pop-up window on my screen?

The PaperCut window displays the balance and the print cost per page of the document. The balance begins at $25 and depletes every time you accept the print cost in order to process your document. Black and white printing is $.05 per printed page and color printing is $.10 per printed page.

For more detailed information on PaperCut and Metro Print, please see What is Lab Print?

Does my print credit from last semester roll over into the next semester?

The print credit from previous semester does not roll over into the next semester. Each student will receive $25.00 in print credit at the beginning of their next registered semester.

Can I get a print refund if my documents didn’t print correctly?

This is determined on a case by case basis. Your account will be reviewed by a lab supervisor and credited the necessary amount.

How do I add more print credit funds to my account?

View our knowledge base article How do I add printing funds to Lab Print?

Where are the Pay Stations located?

The pay stations are located in West Classroom 244, South Classroom 103, Science Bldg. 1058, Plaza Bldg. 307 and Tivoli 225. 

May I bring food and drinks into the Computer Lab?

No, foods and drinks are not permitted inside any of the computer labs. All foods and drinks should be placed on the drink cart located outside of the entrance of every computer lab.

What should I do if my computer is frozen?

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously to open the Windows Task Manager. Highlight the application that is frozen or waiting, (usually the very top item in the list) and click on the End Task button. You will lose any unsaved work. If this doesn't work, please see a lab technician for assistance. ​​​​​​

What computer labs have DVD or CD-RW drive?

All MSU Denver computers come equipped with DVD/CD-ROMS.

What computer labs have scanners?

All labs have scanners.

How may I retrieve an item lost in the computer labs?

The computer labs are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. If you have lost an item during the current week, return to the computer lab that the item was lost and ask a Lab Tech to check the lost and found. Items left in the lost and found at the end of the week are brought to the Auraria Campus Lost and Found. The Campus Lost and Found is located in Tivoli Suite 250 (the Information Desk where Student IDs are issued).

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