Client Portal & TeamDynamix FAQs

  Client Portal Frequently Asked Questions 

  How will I submit requests to ITS in this new portal?

All tickets will be created by finding the service you need in the catalog and using its intake form to create a ticket. Additionally, our Service Desk team remains available by phone to initiate request or incident tickets with you.  


  Can I still create a ticket by emailing
No, requests or incidents must be submitted via the TeamDynamix Service Catalog or by calling our Service Desk.  However, once a ticket is created, you can reply to ticket notification emails to update your ticket with comments.

How can I review tickets in the old tool (FootPrints) once the TeamDynamix portal is live?
FootPrints (our old ticketing system) will remain read-only for all users for quite some time so you can still see your past tickets in there.  There will be a new URL for access and a wired or VPN network connection will still be required to reach it.  See this article for instructions. 

  Do I need to connect to GlobalProtect (VPN) to access any part of the Client Portal or to submit requests?
No, you can reach this portal and submit requests from any network connection and easily from mobile devices. 

  I have open tickets right now in the current ticketing system (FootPrints). What will happen to those?
We will migrate any open tickets as of 2/26/21 in FootPrints to TeamDynamix. Your ticket will get a new ID number and we will email you a notification from your new ticket with a link interact with it in the TDX Client Portal and to continue to work with us to fulfill your needs. 

  I have used your Qualtrics forms to request certain services (e.g. Hardware Requests). Will I still use those?
ITS will no longer take requests for service via Qualtrics forms. Those have been rebuilt as Services within the TDX Service Catalog with updated intake forms.

 Does TeamDynamix support Project Management?
Yes, it’s not only a ticketing tool but also allows for transparent project management. 

  Who is using TeamDynamix to manage projects currently? 
Right now, the ITS Project Management and operational teams are using TeamDynamix to support the Banner Self Service 9 upgrade and several internal technology projects. You can view the TDX-Implementation project page on the portal now.

  How do I request a project once TeamDynamix is live? 
You will be able to submit an ITS Project Request from the Service Catalog and we will provide a quick link to that service on the Client Portal home page.

  Is the project management tool available to departments outside of ITS? 
At the moment it is limited to ITS projects as we complete implementation, but we are excited to share more about the tools and possible uses outside of ITS in the coming months!



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