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Services or Offerings?
Students can remotely access and use MSU Denver Computer Lab machines from their personal computer.

Request access to utilize the MSU Denver VPN

Employees can request access to their department's network drives. Supervisor and drive owners request access changes.

Employees request basic (read-only) access to the Banner 9 administrative environment (for employees only).

Request PJOBSUB/TJOBSUB directory access or a password reset.

Supervisors can request specific permissions within Banner systems for their employees including AppXtender access and specific security classes in Banner Admin Pages.

This form is to request access to a Tier 2 migrated course selected by your Chair. If you are not sure if your course is part of the Tier 2 migration please contact your Department Chair. Once this form is filled out you will gain access to your migrated content within Canvas to be used for course development.

Request a shared mailbox that multiple people can manage; request permission changes to current Shared Mailboxes.

Request assistance with Spreadsheet Server, including new-user setup and installation.

Changes or requests to a Health Center-specific software, systems and devices. Health Center employees only.

Request to live-stream a campus event or presentation to broadcast to remote viewers.

Request Access to the Enterprise Data Warehouse reporting environment.

Request access to tools that allow your user administrative privileges on your MSUDenver asset

Report any problems accessing the wireless network, including wireless coverage issues or poor performance

Report any problems accessing the network from an existing wired connection.