Mitel (ShoreTel) Call Center System Support

What is it?

ITS supports the ACD Call Center System for Enrollment Services and IT Services.  Use this service to request any administrative changes or support on the tools within the Mitel environment. 

Who can request this?

Current MSU Denver Mtel call center agents or supervisors can submit this request. 


For the agents or supervisors submitting the request, please include the Mitel component affected by your request, a detailed description, and your Mitel user extension. 

What to expect

ITS will review your request and reply with any questions and to make a plan for implementing the changes with you. 

Request Service


Service ID: 46020
Thu 10/1/20 7:04 PM
Fri 2/10/23 3:52 PM
Catalog Visibility (what users can use/see this service in the Client Portal?)
Internal: Only for ITS use
Restricted: access restricted to ITS and another group
Unrestricted: All users can access