(Retired) Computer Lab Remote Access Tool (LabStats)

 This service has been replaced by the Virtual Computer Lab by Apporto. If you've arrived from a bookmark or other website, be sure to update your links!


What is it?

The Remote Access Tool is used to connect to select MSU Denver lab computers via the remote desktop protocol from your computer at home.  This service form is intended for people that are experiencing issues connecting to campus resources via the Remote Access Tool, but are unable to call in for support. Please note that the fastest support route is to call our ITS Service Desk 24/7 at 303-352-7548  during M-F business hours.

For more information and instructions, please see our article, What is the Computer Lab Remote Access Tool?

Who can request this?

Current students can utilize this service. 


Please ensure you meet the system requirements. You will need Global Protect, a supported operating system and browser, and the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client.

Please include your availability for a follow-up.

What to expect

You will receive an email to schedule a screen-share. The technician will ask you to share your screen through the support portal at https://remote.msudenver.edu/

Request Assistance


Service ID: 46095
Thu 10/1/20 7:04 PM
Mon 6/3/24 10:48 AM
Catalog Visibility (what users can use/see this service in the Client Portal?)
Internal: Only for ITS use
Restricted: access restricted to ITS and another group
Unrestricted: All users can access