Software solutions available to students, faculty and staff. Report issues with software solutions.

Services (6)

Computer Lab Remote Access Tool (LabStats)

Students can remotely access and use MSU Denver Computer Lab machines from their personal computer.

Software Issues & Errors

Request assistance troubleshooting software failures, configuration issues, and error messages.

Software Request for Employees (Licensing & Installation for Desktop or Cloud Applications)

Engage with ITS to renew or procure cloud-hosted applications or locally-installed software on faculty/staff computers, classrooms or labs.

Software Request for Personal Devices (Students)

Free and request-able software for student use on personal devices including Solidworks, Multisim, LabView, Minitab, Mathematica and more!

Microsoft Copilot

Learn about Microsoft's generative AI chat tool and how to use it securely at MSU Denver.

Citrix Virtual Lab

Students can use many software titles virtually on their own computer.