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Computing technology requests for faculty, staff, student employees and students

Supervisors can request specific permissions within Banner systems for their employees including AppXtender access and specific security classes in Banner Admin Pages.

Employees request basic (read-only) access to the Banner 9 administrative environment (for employees only).

Request access to utilize the MSU Denver VPN

Employees can request access to their department's network drives. Supervisor and drive owners request access changes.

ITS provides assistance to students and employees who need help setting up their accounts for first use, or resolving a login problem to an MSU Denver computer or web service.

Request software for a faculty/staff computer, classroom computer or a student computer lab.

Request a shared mailbox that multiple people can manage; request permission changes to current Shared Mailboxes.

Request access to tools that allow your user administrative privileges on your MSUDenver asset

Supervisors submit notification of a separating FTE or student employee so HR and ITS can conduct proper off-boarding.

Submit a project proposal that requires IT support.

Get support setting up your mutli-factor authentication settings for the first time or if you cannot authenticate due to a lost, changed or broken multi-factor authentication device.

Request assistance troubleshooting software failures, configuration issues, and error messages.

Students can use many software titles virtually on their own computer.

Request phone numbers for new employee(s); get voicemail help or delegate updates for current extensions.

Report an issue with an email or calendar service.

Information and assistance on the SSC Navigate desktop and mobile app for staff, faculty, and students.

Report hardware issues with MSU Denver assets and accessories.

Request the coordination of e-recycling and surplus of old equipment

Students can remotely access and use MSU Denver Computer Lab machines from their personal computer.

Request an enhancement or change to a SSB or Banner Module (Banner Student, HR, Financial Aid, Finance, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, General).

Students can request MultiSim and LabVIEW to be installed on personal devices.

Report a printing issue (faculty and staff)