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A collaborative team of HR, Finance, Payroll and ITS staff are here to help you with your questions and errors in the new Workday system. Use the MSU Denver Workday website as a starting place for any information needed, and please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your question has been addressed.  

Workday Job Aids, Videos and Demos

Useful training materials can be found on the Workday Transformation Team. Visit the Job Aids and Related Demos and Videos and Demos folders to access these resources. Visit the MSU Denver Events Page to sign up for a Workday webinar.  

As always, stay up to date with the latest news by reviewing the daily Early Bird. Miss an email? No problem! All the articles are archived on the Early Bird page.  

Who should place a support ticket here?

Employees are encouraged to submit a ticket here if you can't find the answers you need in the Workday Job Aids and Related Demos resources.   

Click the red Submit a Workday support ticket button on this page to create your ticket!

What to expect

Your ticket will be reviewed by a collaborative team and assigned to team members in the appropriate functional area: Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Payroll or IT Services.   

Keep an eye out for email updates from your ticket or phone calls from these departments ready to help you with your questions or errors in Workday.


Get Workday Support Request Office Connect Permissions

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Workday Office Connect helps users connect Excel to Workday. Individuals who may ask for this software would be looking for financial budget information (e.g. Fiscal managers) for their department. Office Connect can be found in the Software Center for MSU Denver PC's and downloaded from there to use on their machine.

The software allows the downloading of the Workday reports into Excel so that they can open the report from Excel. More functionalities may be expanded in the future.


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Service Offerings (2)

Get Workday Support
Request assistance from Human Resources, Budget, Finance, and Payroll related to business processes transacted in the Workday ERP system.
OfficeConnect - Self Service Installation and Permissions Request
Workday Office Connect helps users connect Excel to Workday. The software allows the downloading of the Workday reports into Excel so that they can open the report from Excel.