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Services or Offerings?
Request assistance with the support, custom development, or the configuration/release of Enterprise Applications that support the University's administrative operations or strategic initiatives.

Get Workday support from HR, Finance, and ITS.

Workday Office Connect helps users connect Excel to Workday. The software allows the downloading of the Workday reports into Excel so that they can open the report from Excel.

Request a new feature or functionality of an Enterprise Application.

Employees, Contractors, and Contingent workers may request access or expanded permission to an Enterprise Application.

Request access or expanded permissions to a Non-Production Enterprise Application Environment.

Request a Security Permissions or Role Audit

Request to view/modify and existing report or data set, or request access to download or connect business intelligence software to information collected by an Enterprise Application.

Request general support for an Enterprise Application.

Request a new integration, modification to an existing integration or to report issues with an existing integration.

Report an enterprise application issue.

Request SaaS testing, change and training planning services for a business process, changes that require multiple feature, or configuration requests.