Expanded Banner Access/Permissions Request

What is it?

Many employees need to perform tasks in Banner systems that require specific permissions, or security roles and classes, be applied to their account beyond basic, read-only access.  Use this request form to request enhanced access in the following systems for an employee:

  • Banner Admin Pages (aka Internet Native Banner)
  • Banner EPAF Access (Webtailor EPAF Role)
  • AppXtender (aka Banner Imaging)
  • Banner Workflow (for Chairs only)
Who can request this?

An employee's supervisor must submit this request on their behalf otherwise we will seek supervisor approval after submission.  Directors, Chairs, AVP, and higher roles do not need supervisor approval.

  • The target employee needs to have basic access to Banner before enhanced permissions can be applied to their account. At this time, the employee needs to request access to Banner themselves by filling out this service request:  Banner Account Request (basic access)
  • If you do not know the specific names or security roles/classes your employee needs in Banner Admin Pages or AppXtender, you will have the opportunity to list an employee in a similar role that we can reference. 
    • Please note: access to the following security classes will not be granted until the completion of training through the Registrar's Office:


      Please ensure that training has been completed before requesting access to the Banner Student Class schedule access classes listed above. If training has not been completed, access will be denied.

  • Requests to have access to Personally Identifiable Information (full social security numbers and full birthdates) will require a business justification and the approval of your department's Dean or Associate VP.
What to expect

ITS will review the request is submitted by the proper authority and that the target employee has Banner access.  We reach out if we have any questions about what was requested.  

Granting security classes to user accounts in requires approval from Banner Module Owners in the respective module/forms that they apply. ITS will be able to apply the permissions once those module owners have reviewed the request and approved. 

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