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ProctorU Live+ / Review+ - Student FAQ

How do I schedule and take an exam that uses live human proctoring (ProctorU Live+ / Review+)? Please check ProctorU's official Test Taker guides. Will I be charged for taking human-proctored

What is ProctorU Record+ (formerly ProctorU Auto)?

ProctorU Record+ is a student authentication service that verifies student identity and also provides exam recordings and machine-based (AI) proctoring reports that faculty can review. ProctorU Record

ProctorU Record+ (formerly Auto) - Student FAQ

How do I get started taking an exam that uses the student authentication service (ProctorU Record+ (formerly ProctorU Auto)? Please check ProctorU's official resource center for important

What is ProctorU Live+ / Review+ ?

ProctorU is an online proctoring service that enables MSU Denver students to take exams online while maintaining the integrity of the exam for the University. ProctorU provides two proctoring options

ProctorU Live+ / Review+ - Instructor FAQ

What is the live proctoring service (ProctorU Live+)? ProctorU Live+ combines student authentication with a live proctor for high-stakes assessments. For any assessment set up with ProctorU Live

ProctorU Record+ (formerly Auto) - Instructor FAQ

What is ProctorU Record+? Should I use it? As the number of online courses provided at MSU Denver continues to increase, faculty must promote online assessment integrity and deter cheating within