Service Catalog

Categories (12)

User Accounts & Access

MSU Denver account and login support; access requests for new employees.

IT Professional Services

Project management and application development services.

Teaching, Learning & Classrooms

Support for on-campus learning environment and online learning tools.

Email & Calendar

Email and calendar services including account changes, delegation, distribution services, and the creation of shared email boxes.

Hardware, Software & Printing

Request hardware and printers; software distribution services for students and employees.

Administrative & Business Applications

Banner, Health Center Systems, student information systems (e.g. Navigate), and other auxiliary enterprise services.

Network & Wireless

Wirless network issues reporting, VPN (GlobalProtect) requests and issues, and wired internet access.

Communication & Collaboration

Phones, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and network drives

Information Security

Report issues or request enhancements and support in on-campus classrooms and computer labs.

Infrastructure Services

Services including data center management, server virtualization, and systems management and operations.

Audiovisual Services

Live event streaming support and digital signs

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